Donna McIldoon M. Div. RMFT
Donna McIldoon M. Div., RP RMFT

Welcome! I am Donna McIldoon, a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist. I have had a clinical private practice in Toronto’s West End since 2000. It is my privilege to come alongside individuals, couples and families who are desiring change in their lives. My role is to provide a safe, compassionate and encouraging environment in which to collaborate with clients on a strategy for forward movement through life’s difficulties. I consult with people who are often at a time of transition or a crossroad, desiring fresh hope and a strategy for positive change. One of my areas of specialty is in Christian Counselling.

People make the courageous choice to seek counselling for many reasons. Most often it is after having struggled to manage life’s difficulties on their own, and recognizing a desire for new strategies to find a healthy way forward — help to journey through the seasons of life.

I am now accepting new clients, and am working virtually via Zoom.

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